The city that never sleeps – New York

New York, the Big Apple, IS America, and probably the greatest city in the world. Enriched with an extensive system of public and private universities, training colleges, medical schools, business schools and art schools, it is truly one of the great educational cities. Set at the mouth of the great Hudson River, New York is the largest urban area of America. It is a town where the unusual is commonplace, the dramatic expected. New York is a series of neighbourhoods that are the real melting pot of America – a city of diversity where people have come from all over the world to build their lives. This is reflected in the neighbourhood names. Conjure with the ideas of the Bronx, Hell’s Kitchen, Spanish Harlem, Little Italy and Chinatown. Culture and Action Art and artists are a way of life in New York, from the small studios of Greenwich Village to the magic of Broadway, providing everything from musicals to Shakespeare starring top-rank actors and actresses. We can also thr…
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