Cinemagic Entertainment is a specialty boutique. We can offer you with several home automation services in NJ, NY, CT, but a few vital ones to list are Commercial & Residential Systems, CCTV Security, Custom Home Lighting Controls NJ, Multi-Room Audio/Video Systems, and Custom Home Theater Systems as per clients’ needs.

Customized Commercial & Residential Systems are what today knowledge buyers are looking for is. With all the equipment options offered and so numerous places to purchase them, the queries are “What do I buy?”

Cinemagic provides end to end systems of you that live or work in Northern New Jersey and New York City an “In Home Shopping Experience” that will fulfill all your knowledge needs. Our Professional Team Members will meet with you to discuss your needs, measure your expectations, observe your environment and consider you’re reasonable. We will create a User-Friendly and Affordable Automation Systems.

We take your Entertainment System to an entire innovative level that you’ll enjoy for many years to come. Whether your desire is the movies, music or sports, your personalized system will be built to suit your specific needs.

Cinemagic Entertainment provides high-end Residential & Commercial Systems to New Jersey, Morris, Bergen, Essex, Union, Hudson, Rockland, Westchester, New York, Connecticut and much more cities.


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